Update your phone or device software

Get the latest device software to make sure you have the latest features and device protection options.

Check for software updates

Go to att.com/softwareupdates from your desktop or tablet to view the latest software updates.


Get available software updates

  1. Go to Device Support.
  2. Choose or change the device brand and model.
  3. Select Device diagram.
  4. Scroll to More Device Help and select Software updates if it’s there. You’ll only see it if there’s an update for the selected device.

Fix failed updates

Sometimes your device may have trouble updating. Here are some common reasons and fixes.

Memory issues

Each update requires a certain amount of data.
  • You may have to remove apps or data to increase your device’s available memory.
  • You can back up your data before deleting it.

Network connections

Software updates are done over Wi-Fi®, so they don't affect your data use. Make sure you’re:

Battery strength

  • Make sure your device has at least 80% battery power.
  • Connect the device to a charger before doing the software update.

AT&T branded device

Software updates on our website are only available for AT&T branded devices. Keep in mind:
  • The update may not work if you brought your own device to AT&T.
  • You can check with the original carrier or manufacturer for software updates.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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