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Find wireless plans for your phone, tablet, hotspot devices, and more.

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Not all of our plans support mobile hotspot use or tethering on a compatible device, but it’s easy to find a plan that does.

Personal hotspot: Talk, text, and data plans for your phone or tablet

All AT&T Unlimited Your Way plans and our AT&T 4GB plan include mobile hotspot data. Find out how much is included with each plan and compare plan pricing for AT&T unlimited and AT&T 4GB plans.

Need hotspot data for a day or extra hotspot to get through your bill period? See options for add-on hotspot data for select plans.

FYI: We no longer offer Unlimited & More℠ Premium, AT&T Mobile Share Plus, or AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced℠. But if you are on one of these grandfathered plans, they include personal mobile hotspot data.

Dedicated hotspot: Data and AT&T Wireless Internet plans

Have a mobile hotspot device? Check out our data-only plans

Car hotspot: In-car Wi-Fi plans

See if your car can serve as a mobile hotspot.1 Learn about eligible vehicles, plan options, and monthly costs for in-car Wi-Fi.

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Explore plan options

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Last updated: March 7, 2023

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