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Start an AT&T PREPAID Multi-Line account

Find out how to get discounts on AT&T PREPAID (formerly GoPhone) service when you convert to a Multi-Line account.


About AT&T PREPAID Multi-Line Discount

Get more data usage details, use the Multi-Line savings calculator, and see monthly plan eligibility.Learn more

Convert to Multi-Line

How to convert to a Multi-Line account

You need to be logged in to complete these steps. Your initial password is the last four digits of your wireless number.

You must be an existing AT&T PREPAIDSM user on a basic or smartphone plan to begin.
  1. Select Multi-Line Discount.
  2. Select account type, Personal or Business.
  3. Select Keep Your Current Plan or select another plan.
  4. Read the AT&T PREPAID Multi-Line terms.
  5. Select I agree to change your account to Multi-Line.
  6. You’re ready to invite others to join your plan.

How to change a Multi-Line account back to a single line

First, make sure you change all member lines back to individual accounts. Need help? Find out how to manage your AT&T PREPAID Multi-Line account.
  1. Select Multi-Line Discount.
  2. Under Multi-Line Discount Management, select Manage Lines.
  3. Select the account owner line by using the up/down arrows in the upper-right corner of the box.
  4. Select Return to individual account.
  5. Read the important information and select Submit.

About Mult-Line accounts

All lines/members must be on a monthly rate plan of $30 or more to be eligible to join a Multi-Line account. Other monthly, daily, and pay-per-use plans aren't eligible.

Based on the number of lines needed, choose between a personal or business account.
  • Personal - up to 5 lines (1 account owner and 4 member lines)
  • Business - up to 10 lines (1 account owner and 9 member lines)

Multi-Line savings

If you enrolled in AutoPay prior to April 22, 2017, you won't get an AutoPay discount on member lines. We recommend that you dis-enroll from AutoPay and re-enroll in order to get the discount.