Use the AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security app

Manage spam and nuisance calls from telemarketers and more.

Call protection and device security

Set call protection preferences

  1. Open the AT&T ActiveArmorSM mobile security app and tap Calls.
  2. Scroll to Network call preferences.
  3. Choose one:
    • Block caller: You can block calls from your call log, contact list, or manually.1
    • Fraud calls: This is automatically set to Block for your protection. You can choose to flag these calls or send to voicemail.1
    • Nuisance calls: This is automatically set to Enabled. You can choose to flag, block, or send to voicemail each category. Categories include Political, Spam risk, Surveys, Nonprofit, Private calls, Telemarketers, and Account services. Categories were based on complaints and feedback. 2,3,4
    • Unknown callers: This defaults to Allowed. You can also choose to send to voicemail.

Manage device security options

Open the app and go to My Device to enable system and passcode or screen lock alerts. These notify you of pending operating system updates for your device. System updates may help fix security issues you don’t know about.

Android devices can also get alerts for unauthorized (root) access detection.

FYI: Have ActiveArmor advanced mobile security?5 You also get:
  • Caller ID for name and location of caller5,6
  • Reverse number lookup for up to 200 U.S. numbers per day5,7
  • Theft alerts (Android only).5,8 These can help you locate a lost or stolen phone. You can choose to set up email alerts for:
    • Multiple failed PIN attempts
    • SIM has been removed
    • Airplane mode has been enabled
    • Your device has been powered off
    • AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security uninstalled

Breach reports and ID monitoring

Get an app alert when a company you use or follow is hacked or experiences a data breach.8 You’ll also get practical advice (when available) on what to do if a data breach occurs.

Make sure to add companies to monitor. From the app home screen, choose My Identity and then Add a company. The more companies you add, the more informed you’ll be.

Good to know: ActiveArmor advanced mobile security users can also set up Identity Monitoring.5,9 Get alerts and helpful tips if your info is found on the dark web. You can monitor email addresses, phone numbers, medical IDs, and unique IDs like your passport or driver’s license.

Network protection

If you have AT&T ActiveArmor advanced mobile security, you can enable additional network protection options. From the app home screen, choose Network. Then, you can turn on or off:
  • Auto-connect VPN to encrypt your data when you connect to public Wi-Fi.5,10 A VPN is your own virtual private network and helps protect your personal info.
  • Wi-Fi alerts to let you know whether you’re at risk or safe on public Wi-Fi. 5,10
  • Safe browsing to check websites for known malware or phishing attacks and warn you of potential danger.5,11

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Last updated: December 7, 2022

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