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Find answers to questions about discounts on multiple lines of AT&T PREPAID (formerly GoPhone) service.

Quick answer

What AT&T PREPAID plans are eligible for Multi-Line account discounts?

How many lines can I add to an AT&T PREPAID Multi-Line account?

How do I know I’ve reached the maximum number of PREPAID Multi-Lines?

Do I share data with other lines on a PREPAID Multi-Line account?

Do I get an AutoPay discount on my AT&T PREPAID Multi-Line account?

What costs am I responsible for on my PREPAID Multi-Line account?

Will members joining my PREPAID Multi-Line mid-term be pro-rated?

What happens to my balance if I join a PREPAID Multi-Line account?

What if I can’t pay for all lines on my PREPAID Multi-Line account?

How do I know if I’ve been added to a PREPAID Multi-Line account?

Last updated: August 10, 2020

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