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Find wireless phones with TTY compatibility or built-in RTT

Have a hearing or speech disability? You can still stay in touch on the go with wireless phones that work with TTY or have built-in real-time text (RTT).


About our TTY-compatible wireless phones

When you and another person have teletypewriter (TTY) devices, you can communicate visually using 1- or 2-line electronic displays that work with TTY-compatible wireless phones.

A TTY-compatible wireless phone has a 2.5-millimeter port for the audio jack connector on the TTY device.

TTY limitations for 911 calls

Keep in mind that you can’t make 911 calls with TTY devices1 or Wi-Fi Calling1. Have to reach 911 services? You can:
  • Use real-time text ( instead of TTY.
  • Call 911 directly using TTY from a wireless phone over the cellular network or from a landline telephone.
  • Text 911 directly from a wireless device (in areas where text-to-911 is available).
  • Use relay services to place a TTY or Captioned Telephone Service (CTS) call from a wireless phone over the cellular network or from a landline phone.
  • Use relay services to place an IP Relay or IP CTS call over a cellular data or other IP network.
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Compatible AT&T wireless phones

TTY-compatible phones and phones with built-in real-time text
MakeModelBuilt-in real time text



iPhone 6sX
iPhone 6s PlusX
iPhone 7X
iPhone 7 PlusX
iPhone 8X
iPhone 8 PlusX
iPhone SEX
iPhone XX
iPhone XRX
iPhone XSX
iPhone XS MaxX
iPhone 11X
iPhone 11 ProX
iPhone 11 Pro MaxX

Cingular Flip 3X
Radiant CoreX
GooglePixel 4
Pixel 4XL
KyoceraDuraForce PRO 2 

Arena 2X
G8 ThinQX
G8X ThinQX
Phoenix 4X
Prime 2X
Neon Plus

Stylo 4+X
Stylo 5+
V35 ThinQX
V40 ThinQX
Xpression Plus 2
MotorolaMoto G6 play 

Galaxy A10eX
Galaxy Express Prime 3/J3 (2018)
Galaxy FoldX
Galaxy J2 Dash 
Galaxy J7 (2018) 
Galaxy Note9 
Galaxy Note10X
Galaxy Notes10+X
Galaxy Note10+ 5GX
Galaxy S7

Galaxyt S8+

Galaxy S9X
Galaxy S10X
Galaxy S10eX
Galaxy S10+X
Galaxy S10 5GX
Galaxy Z Flip

ZTEMaven 3 

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More accessibility info

AT&T Accessibility plans
Interested in an accessible plan designed for people who need help communicating over a voice network? Learn more about AT&T Accessibility plans. To see if you qualify, complete the AT&T Accessibility plan Application and Certification Form (PDF, 115 KB).

We offer accessibility plans for all iPhone® models.

National Center for Customers with Disabilities
Questions about TTY-compatible phones or want more help? Call our National Center for Customers with Disabilities (NCCD). The NCCD is available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET.
  • Voice calls - 866.241.6568
  • TTY calls - 866.241.6567

See all important details
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