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Enjoy the AT&T Device Help app (for Android)

Use AT&T Device Help to answer your “how to” questions and keep your device running smoothly.




Learn about the AT&T Device Help app

The AT&T Device Help app is compatible with Android devices running Android 8.0 (Android O) or later and comes preloaded on most devices (check the AT&T folder). Don't see it? Get it from the Play Store

AT&T Device Help is an app tailored to your device that helps you learn to use the latest features as well as monitor your device’s performance. With the app, you can:
  • Run a device health checkup
  • Respond to alerts and manage settings for battery, storage, and connectivity issues
  • View step-by-step tutorials across a variety of help topics ranging from setup, getting started, new features, and how to prepare for a trade-in
  • Easily access account and other device-support sites

Use the app

Device health scan
The device health diagnostic tool gauges performance and offers recommended actions to support daily use.
  1. Select Scan now to run the device health diagnostic tool.
    NOTE: You will need to enable permissions associated with storage, location, and more the first time you run a device health checkup.
  2. Select the drop-down icon to view device health alert information.

  3. If an alert is present, select the alert to see what AT&T Device Help can do to help resolve the issue. 

Help topics
Access a variety of how-to tutorials and videos covering multiple topics that are customized for your device. 
  1. From the Device Help main screen, select View all help topics.

  2. Select the desired topic category, then select the desired tutorial topic.
    NOTE: A tutorial topic with a Video icon  has a supporting video.

  3. Or from the Device Help main screen, select the Search icon .
  4. Select the Search bar, enter the topic or function you are curious about, then select the desired search result.

More help and links
Check out Tips & trends to view in-depth and up-to-date information on trendy topics like Ads, Pop-ups, and Notifications or Cleaning Your Device.

AT&T account & services provides quick access to myAT&T so you can manage your account, view and pay bills, replace or activate devices, and much more.
More help and links provides access to for help with troubleshooting, network/service outages, and customer forums.

Trade in your device provides the steps needed to prepare your device for a trade-in.

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