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AT&T GoPhone is now AT&T PREPAID

Find out more about AT&T GoPhone changing its name to AT&T PREPAID.


AT&T GoPhone rebrand

AT&T GoPhone® is changing its name to AT&T PREPAIDSM. New name – same great service, network and value.

You’ll see changes online and in-store, but don’t worry, everything will still work including GoPhone refill cards and phones.

As part of the GoPhone rebrand some of these familiar terms will also be updated:
  • Refill will now be referred to as pay, make a payment, and payment.
  • Packages and Features will be referred to as Add-Ons and optional services. 
  • GoPhone Refill Card and Refill PIN will be referred to as AT&T PREPAID Refill Card, and AT&T PREPAID PIN. 
  • Rate plan expiration and expiration date will be referred to as payment due date, due date, and payment date.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a GoPhone refill card. Will it still work with AT&T PREPAID?
Yes, all GoPhone refill cards are still valid and can be loaded onto your account. You can even purchase a GoPhone refill card in the future and it will work also.

How do I manage my account online?
The new URL is Bookmark/Favorite this new location for future reference. MyGophone will also continue to work.

I just purchased a GoPhone device but have not activated it yet. Will it still work with AT&T PREPAID?
Yes, all GoPhone devices will work when you activate on AT&T PREPAID.

How do I contact Customer Care?
Nothing has changed for Customer Care. You can reach them by dialing 611 from your AT&T prepaid phone or 800.901.9878.
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Additional information

View a side by side comparison of AT&T PREPAID Featured Plans or learn how to change your AT&T PREPAID plan.
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