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Keep tabs on your child's data use with AT&T Secure Family

Don't want your kids using their smartphones to surf the web? Or, just want to limit internet time? Either option is easy.


Data control settings

Set data blocks

You can use a cellular data block to keep your child from sending and receiving photo or video messages until the end of the bill period or indefinitely. Heads up: The child’s device can still use Wi-Fi® when data blocks are on, unless you also use the Pause Internet setting or Time Limits feature.

Heads up: The Secure Family permanent and temporary data block features will be going away in February 2022 with an app update.

You can continue data blocking on lines under your wireless account (excluding AT&T PREPAID) using these methods that are free of charge:

Temporary data block to keep a child from using data until the end of your bill period
  1. Sign in to myATT mobile app
  2. Select the line to manage
    1. Tap Usage
    2. Tap View more usage details and options
    3. Tap Manage data
      • Toggle Data ON to unblock
      • Turn it OFF to block data until end of the billing cycle
Permanent data block to block data indefinitely (you can unblock at any time)
To block or unblock data permanently on a line, please call us by dialing 611 from your mobile phone and request the mobile line you wish to block or unblock data.

Pause and resume internet

Turn a child device’s access to Wi-Fi and cellular data on or off as often as you want. From the app on the parent’s device:
  1. Select the child from the list of family members.
  2. Select Pause Internet or Resume Internet.
Because there's no time limit on pausing the internet, your child's device can't access cellular data or Wi-Fi until you resume it.

Restrict times for Internet Access

Set times, like bedtime or dinner time, when your child's device can't use cellular data or Wi-Fi to access the internet. You can set up as many time limits as you’d like. From the parent’s device:
  1. Select the child from the list of family members.
  2. Scroll down to Time Limits.
  3. Choose from:
    • School hours or Night hours and adjust the recommended time limits.
    • Add a time limit and set the days and times you want the custom time limit to go into effect.
  4. Tap Save.
If you set time limits, your child can still call and text from the device's native text messaging app. But, the app will block certain messaging apps downloaded from an app store, like Kik, during those times.

See examples of the pause and resume internet screens (PDF, 205KB) or how to create time limits (PDF, 249KB).

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