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Secure Wi-Fi VPN now works with iOS update

Did you have trouble connecting to open Wi-Fi hotspots with AT&T Mobile Security and Private Wi-Fi VPN on iOS 13? No worries, those issues are now fixed.


Connect to open Wi-Fi hotspots securely

Were you having trouble connecting to open Wi-Fi® hotspots after updating to iOS 13? Good news! We worked with our partners to fix these issues. Thanks to a new iOS update, you can now connect with AT&T Mobile Security Wi-Fi VPN and AT&T Private Wi-Fi VPN. So, if you disabled the Secure Wi-Fi VPN feature, it's OK to turn it back on.
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Here's how

Upgrade to iOS 13.2 or higher
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll to and select General.
  3. Tap on Software Update to see your iOS version.
  4. If it isn't iOS 13.2 or higher, select Download and Install to get the latest version.

Enable Secure Wi-Fi VPN in AT&T Mobile Security
  1. Open the AT&T Mobile Security app.
  2. Go to Settings and scroll to the Wi-Fi Security section.
  3. Toggle off Secure Wi-Fi VPN.
  4. Select Done.
  5. Close the app and connect to the internet.

Enable Secure Wi-Fi VPN in AT&T Private Wi-Fi
  1. Open the AT&T Private Wi-Fi app.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Toggle off the Private Wi-Fi VPN.
  4. Select Done.
  5. Close the app and connect to the internet.

Now you should be able to browse and stream securely.

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