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Keep your Video Loyalty Credit

Already getting a Video Loyalty Credit and have DIRECTV or U-verse TV? You get to keep it when you upgrade to AT&T Unlimited Elite.


Eligibility info

If you currently have a qualifying unlimited wireless plan and get a Video Loyalty Credit on your DIRECTV® or U-verse® TV account, you’ll keep getting the monthly credit when you upgrade to the AT&T Unlimited EliteSM plan.1

To remain eligible for the Video Loyalty Credit:
  • Your qualifying wireless plan and TV service are both active and in good standing.
  • The billing or service address on your eligible wireless and TV service accounts match.
Sorry, this offer wasn’t available to Corporate Responsibility Users (CRU).

Offer restrictions

These TV services don’t qualify for this offer:
  • DIRECTV service provided by a property owner for tenant use
  • DIRECTV or U-verse TV base packages at $15 per month or less
Account changes
We’ll let you know if you make any changes to your wireless account that affect your eligibility for this credit. You can keep the credit if you make changes that would still meet eligibility requirements.

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