Manage your accounts in myAT&T with one user ID. Learn how to create an Access ID, link accounts, and more.

Access more with one ID

Now you can use one user ID to manage AT&T accounts. That’s right—no more sifting through scraps of paper or relying on your memory.

You can manage these accounts in myAT&T:

  • U-verse
  • Wireless
  • Home phone
  • Internet
  • AT&T email
  • AT&T Locker
One user ID to manage your AT&T accounts



An Access ID as the key to your accounts

Get started with an Access ID

Create your Access ID
If you manage your accounts in myAT&T, then you already have an Access ID. If not, create one in a few short steps.
Add accounts
Adding accounts to your Access ID lets you manage them with one user ID and password. Check data usage, pay a bill, and more.
Forgot ID or password?
We can help you find your Access ID if you've forgotten it. We'll also help you reset your password.



Use your ID everywhere you log in to myAT&T

What happens when you create an ID?

Before you create your Access ID, be sure to check for an existing one.  Here are a few steps to remember when you create your ID:

  1. Choose your first account to manage.
  2. Verify you’re the owner by providing the account details and password. We may send you a validation code.
  3. Choose either primary or secondary access depending on how you added your account.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Create your Access ID.


Understanding the Access ID

Learn more about the AT&T Access ID. Explore how to use it to manage multiple accounts, pay bills, check data usage, schedule recordings, and more.

Help logging into myAT&T

Get troubleshooting tips to help you solve typical login issues. This includes finding the correct ID or password if you’ve forgotten them. 

Managing access for your ID or accounts

Once you add an account to your Access ID, you control who can manage the account online. Primary managers can add secondary users and transfer access.

AT&T email and your Access ID

You can add your email account to your AT&T Access ID. Your email and ID share the same password so you can log in with your email or Access ID.

What accounts can I add?

Once you've created your Access ID, use it to manage your wireless, U-verse, home phone, TV, or Internet accounts.

Is adding an account to my ID the same as combining an account?

No, adding your accounts to your Access ID lets you manage them online with that ID. It doesn't combine your bills or bundle your services. If you decide to manage your accounts separately, you can remove them anytime.

Learn about adding accounts

See how to link all of your accounts to an Access ID. Log in once and check your wireless data usage, manage your U-verse voicemail settings, and pay your bill. Check out all you can do. Watch Linking AT&T Accounts with One Access ID. (6:40)



Forgot your user ID, password, or both?

We can find your ID and help you reset your password if you’ve forgotten them.

What we’ll need to find your Access ID:

  • The email address you gave us when you created your ID
  • Or, your account information

What we’ll need to reset your password:

  • Your Access ID
  • Account information


How your Access ID works with AT&T email

You can add your email account to your AT&T Access ID. Your email and ID share the same password so you can log in with your email or Access ID.

If you forget your password, it is important to keep in mind that changing it for email automatically changes the password for your Access ID.

Your AT&T email and ID share the same password