AT&T Access ID

Use an Access ID to manage your accounts in myAT&T. Learn how to create an ID, link accounts & more.

Access more with one ID

Now you can use just one ID in myAT&T. Your Access ID is the key to managing your accounts.

Accounts you can manage

  • Wireless
  • U-verse® TV
  • AT&T Internet or DSL
  • Digital Phone
  • Landline - Home Phone
  • AT&T Email
*Excludes DIRECTV accounts still managed at

Getting started with an Access ID

Managing your accounts online in myAT&T already? Then you've got an Access ID. If not, create one.

Follow these short steps:   

  1. Choose your first account to manage.
  2. Verify you’re the owner. We may send a validation code.
  3. Accept the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Create your Access ID.

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