SpamGuard and email filters

Learn about SpamGuard and email filters.

SpamGuard features

SpamGuard helps drastically reduce the amount of spam (or junk email) you receive in your Inbox by diverting most of it to your Bulk Mail folder. It detects emails that were sent out in bulk, delivers them to your Bulk Mail folder, and deletes them after 30 days. SpamGuard receives frequent updates to recognize and deflect more types of spam each day.

In addition to SpamGuard, you can use filters to sort email from specific senders or with specific subjects or words. For instance, you can create a filter that directs email from your family members into a Family folder, or create a filter that directs all messages with the word "free" in the subject line into a Spam folder.

Note: If you read your email with a mail client, such as Microsoft® Outlook® or Outlook Express, you may not be taking full advantage of SpamGuard protection. Learn more in the POP Access and Forwarding section under Mail Options.
Last updated: December 7, 2022