Webmail vs. local email client

Learn about the differences between AT&T Webmail or a local email client.

Accessing your email

You can access your AT&T email account using Webmail and an Internet browser (like Microsoft® Internet Explorer® or Mozilla® Firefox®) or through specialized client-based email programs (like Microsoft Outlook® or Outlook Express). Email programs are great for advanced users who need to manage large quantities of mail, but for most other customers, we recommend using Webmail.

Webmail vs. client-based email program
 AT&T WebmailClient-based email programs
AccessAnywhere, anytime using any device connected to the Internet.Only from the device where your email program is installed.
ConfigurationNone. Just go to www.att.net and click the Mail icon.Requires knowledge of server names, ports, and more. Must set up on all devices you want to use to access email.
ReliabilityMessages are safely stored online so they're there when you need them.Risk of losing messages due to hard drive crashes.
StorageUnlimited. All your email is stored online.Email is stored on your computer using hard drive space.
SpamConvenient access to your Spam folder to check messages.Messages in your Spam folder aren't downloaded. You need to access them separately.

Additional advantages of AT&T Webmail

  • You can filter incoming messages into folders based on subject, sender, or other criteria.
  • You can pull email from other accounts (any POP3 email account) and check it all in one online Inbox.
  • You can move all the email you currently have stored online over to your AT&T Inbox.
  • You get email virus protection software to help prevent dangerous viruses from corrupting your files.
Last updated: December 7, 2022