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No Connection? Check Member ID and Password

Get help checking your Member ID and Password.


Get help checking your Member ID and Password

Your AT&T Primary Member ID has two passwords:
  • The Account Password provides access to email, home page, online Internet account management, backup Dial-up, and AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • The DSL Network Password is a system-generated password that is used by the modem or router to authenticate and connect to the DSL network. AT&T Sub Accounts only have an Account Password.

Your modem/router needs to be configured with the same DSL Network Password that we have in our account database. Follow the automated or manual process below to correct any potential issues with the Primary Member ID and DSL Network Password in your modem/router.

Automated Troubleshooting with AT&T Self Support Tool (SST)

The AT&T Self Support Tool is the latest AT&T wizard-driven application designed to proactively detect and resolve common High Speed Internet service issues. For more information on the Self Support Tool see AT&T Self Support Tool for AT&T High Speed Internet.

Manually Troubleshoot

To troubleshoot without the SST, see How do I reset the DSL Network Password for my modem/router?