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What are some of the benefits of Home Networking?

Make the most of your AT&T! High Speed Internet service by sharing it with up to 10 PCs or Internet devices in your home or office.


Home Networking Benefits

Note: Your Gateway can support up to 250 devices on your network. However, AT&T recommends no more than 10 computers be connected to an up to 1.5 Mbps AT&T High Speed Internet service for good speed performance. AT&T High Speed Internet provides up to 10 accounts.

Home Networking includes a professional-grade firewall with robust security to defend your home network from Internet attacks. Home Networking also supports VPN pass-through so that you can securely sign on to your corporate network while working from home.

No new wires or networking experience are necessary. Home Networking includes an Installation Wizard to walk you through the quick and easy setup.

Home Networking provides LAN speeds at home or office.

File and print sharing is dependent upon the underlying operating system. Certain software may be incompatible with Home Networking. This device shares your High Speed Internet Service connection among multiple devices within the home or office. The speed to any one device will be reduced due to this sharing.