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Set up NumberSync for Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular)

Learn how to set up NumberSync on your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) with your AT&T iPhone number, to talk, text, and use cellular data from your watch.


Set up NumberSync for Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular)

  • An Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular).
  • A compatible iPhone® (6 or later including SE) running iOS version 11.0 or higher.
  • An AT&T rate plan for your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular). 
  • An AT&T user ID associated with the iPhone.

The Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) has an AT&T telephone number and associated rate plan that will appear on your monthly bill. Note, the watch telephone number cannot be used for voice, data or text messaging from the watch. Please remember to complete NumberSync setup to use your watch on the AT&T cellular network with your iPhone number. With NumberSync active, calls and messages using your watch will display your AT&T iPhone telephone number.

Set up NumberSync for Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) from your iPhone

To set up NumberSync for Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular)1,you must have an AT&T rate plan for your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular), in addition to your rate plan for your iPhone, before you can set up NumberSync.

If you do not have a rate plan for your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular), you’ll need to contact your company’s telecom manager or other authorized order placer to make changes to your service.

When the Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) is not on the same Billing Account as your iPhone, you must also have an AT&T user ID associated to your iPhone before you can set up NumberSync.

If you do not already have a user ID for your iPhone you'll be prompted to create one during the set-up process. To create an user ID, you will need either your 5-digit billing zip code or the last 4 digits of your iPhone's IMEI. To find your iPhone's IMEI go to: Settings > General > About (then scroll down).

Pair your watch via the Watch app on your iPhone.
  1. Open the Watch app to start the pairing process and follow the prompts.
  2. Select Set up Cellular button.
  3. Enter your AT&T user ID and Password. This should be the user ID that is associated with your iPhone number. If you don't have a user ID, click "create one now".
  4. When you place a 911 call using your watch, the call will go over the cellular network when possible. If no cellular network is available, device location data from nearby Wi-Fi networks will be used to help locate you. If that data isn’t available, the address you provide will be used.
  5. Make sure to check the box and read the Important Information for NumberSync on the 911 screen. 
  6. Select Verify Address.
  7. On Sync requested screen, you should see a message indicating NumberSync should be available shortly. Select Ok
  8. Follow prompts to finish setting up your watch. 

Unsync your watch from one iPhone and sync it to another

To learn how to unsync your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) from one iPhone number, and sync it with a different iPhone number, visit Use NumberSync to sync Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) to a different iPhone.

Remove NumberSync service from your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular)

To remove NumberSync service from your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular), follow the steps:
  1. Log in to myAT&T.
  2. Expand the Wireless view and select the picture of the iPhone number that you want to remove NumberSync service from. 
  3. Under device options, click Manage NumberSync.
  4. In the Synced wearables section, select the Apple Watch Series 3 that you want to unsync. The name of the watch and the phone number are included for your convenience. 
  5. To remove NumberSync from the Apple Watch, press Unsync this device next to the watch you want to unsync.
  6. A popup will appear asking if you’re sure that you want to remove the service. 
  7. When successfully removed, you’ll see a screen stating You’ve successfully removed your device.

Note: Removing NumberSync service will remove the ability for the Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) to use cellular service. However, the watch will stay on your plan, and any monthly reoccurring charges will continue. To cancel your rate plan, please contact your company’s telecom manager or other authorized order placer.

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