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Check upgrade eligibility and options

Ready for a new phone or tablet? Find out how to check eligibility in just a few steps and discover your upgrade options.


How to upgrade online and other helpful info

You don’t have to wait … that new phone or tablet can be yours in minutes.
  • Go to upgrade your device. If prompted for a security passcode and you forgot it, learn how to reset your security passcode.
  • Select the device you want to upgrade.
  • Choose how you’d like to upgrade and follow the prompts to continue.
  • Under Payment method in the Order summary section, select Change to add the amount due today to your next bill or choose another payment option.
  • Answer the terms and conditions and submit your order.

Rate plan, transfer upgrade eligibility, and fee info

Rate plans
If you have a plan that is no longer offered, you can keep it as long as you want. However, if you change your plan or data amount you need to choose from our current offerings and won’t be able to change back to the old plan.

Transfer upgrade eligibility to another line on the account
If you have multiple devices on the account, you may be able to transfer (share) upgrade eligibility to another line. Learn how to transfer upgrade eligibility.

Upgrade fee
A one-time upgrade fee may be added to your next bill.

Installment plans info

Find out when your contract or installment plan ends
Discover how many months are left on your installment plan or contract.

Pay off any installment plan
Learn how to pay off the balance on your device or accessory.

Trade in your AT&T Next smartphone when you upgrade
You can trade in your AT&T Next or AT&T Next Every Year smartphone and upgrade your device during the upgrade process. The smartphone must be working, and in good physical condition. Learn more about Trade-in requirements.

Amount due at check out
When upgrading with any installment plan, the following will be due at the time of upgrade purchase:
  • The required or optional down payment which reduces the monthly installment cost.
  • If you select the option to Pay to upgrade or Pay off the installment plan, the balance due is required.