Missing channels on DIRECTV, DIRECTV STREAM, or U-verse?
Find out why blackouts happen and what you can do about it.

Why are some of my channels missing?

TV channel owners are asking for more money

We pay fees to TV channel owners for permission to add their channels to your lineup. As contracts expire, owners sometimes turn off their channels as a bargaining tactic.

We’re on your side

We share your frustration about your missing channels. We thank you for your patience while we do our best to resolve the situation.

Switching isn’t the answer

Unfortunately, no TV provider is safe from this problem. Almost all TV providers receive threats or lose channels due to owners' bargaining tactics.

What can I do while I’m waiting?

Watch your shows in other ways

While your channels are removed, you may still be able to watch the TV you’re missing. Read our support article for more information.

How to keep up with missing shows

Take action

You can tell lawmakers in Washington to back measures that will protect TV customers from aggressive tactics like channel blackouts.

Write to Congress

Learn why blackouts happen

Read about what “retrans fees” are, how they affect your TV bill, and why we’re seeing more channel blackouts than ever before.

Learn more about broadcaster blackouts