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Keep your kids’ first phone safe and sound

Easy-to-use mobile resources for secure, family-friendly experiences.

AT&T Secure FamilyTM

Use our parental control app to filter content, monitor activity, and track your kids’ location.

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AT&T ScreenReady

Browse Common Sense Media®—expert recommendations organized by your kids’ age.

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TechBuzz Family Hub

Fill in the gaps of your online knowledge with tips, tricks, and family technology guides.

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Accidents happen

Cracked screen? Dented frame? Don’t worry. With AT&T Protect Advantage and Mobile Insurance, we’ll cover the drops, dings, and most damage your family dishes out.

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Frequently asked questions

  • At what age should kids have phones?
    The average kid in the U.S. gets a phone in late elementary or early middle school, which might seem too young to some parents. Before saying “yes” to a cell phone, ask yourself:

    • Is my child responsible enough to keep track of a smartphone and take care of it?
    • Is my child old enough to understand rules and respect limitations?
    • Is my child mature enough to behave politely and responsibly online?

    If you think it’s too soon for a smartphone, but still want your child to have the safety and security of a wireless device, consider a basic phone with just talk and texting features. They’re easy to use and their smaller size fits better in kids’ hands. Best of all, their lower prices make basic phones a logical starting place for kids who might be more likely to lose or damage a phone.

    For more information on buying your child’s first phone, read the full article on TechBuzz.
  • What are the best cell phones for kids?
    Rather than a particular brand, choosing the best phone for kids is usually about your goals, your budget, and its compatibility.

    If your goal is for your child to have the safety and security of a wireless device, a basic phone with just talk and texting features will be sufficient. Plus, their low entry prices are a logical starting place for kids who might be more likely to lose or damage a phone.

    Next, consider an AT&T Certified Restored phone. These phones can save you hundreds of dollars, while still giving your child a high-end smartphone experience.

    As far as compatibility goes, make it easy on yourself and buy your kids a phone with the same operating system as yours. The familiar interface, tools, and tricks you know will make it easier for you to manage their activity and help if any issues arise. Plus, the sooner they get familiar with their phone the sooner they’ll be helping you out!

    For more information on buying cell phones for kids, read the full article on TechBuzz.
  • What is the best tablet for my kid?
    Kids and tablets are a great fit. For kids under the age of 6, think cheap, rugged, and protected. Look for educational, kid-friendly tablets to help them get ready for school.

    Elementary school kids will love a lightweight tablet with good screen resolution and a full range of apps and games. Don’t forget to look into protective cases, replacement warranties, and learn how to add our AT&T Purchase Blocker to prevent kids from buying unauthorized apps or games.

    Teens are usually responsible enough to handle higher-end tablets. If your child already has a cell phone or a computer, buy one with a compatible operating system. Opt for more storage space to install more apps, take more pictures, and download movies and music for long trips.

    For more information on buying tablets for kids, read the full article on TechBuzz.

Find the right phones for your kids with AT&T

Are you shopping for phones for your children? There are lots of reasons why you might want to. Maybe you want to keep better track of them. Maybe they are getting older and looking to be more independent. Or maybe your child broke a previous device and now you are looking for an affordable replacement. No matter what your family’s needs are, you can find the right plans, devices, and services with AT&T.

Protect your devices

Accidents happen, especially when kids are involved. Sometimes kids break or lose valuable things. It’s part of life. Luckily, AT&T offers device protection that helps you protect your purchase after a device is lost, stolen, or broken. 

Hand down your old phone

Have you been looking to upgrade your device? AT&T makes it easy for you to pass your old phone down to a family member and add them to your phone plan. It’s a great option for parents who want to stay in contact with their child without buying a new device.

Save money with AT&T Certified Restored

With AT&T Certified Restored devices, you can get the same great phones and tablets at a reduced price. When a customer returns a phone to AT&T, we put it through a rigorous restoration process to ensure a high level of quality. Refurbished phones are a perfect option for children and teens. The reduced cost makes it easier to justify getting a device for a child, who may be more likely to lose or damage it than an adult.

Protect your family with mobile security from AT&T

Knowing that your kid has a phone for easy contact can give you peace of mind, but there are also some challenges that come with digital life. That’s why AT&T provides services and software to help protect your family.
The AT&T Secure Family App helps do things like monitor your child’s location, manage your kids’ screen time, and filter out inappropriate content with parental controls.
AT&T even provides family-focused tips and resources within a dedicated family content hub to help you get the most out of your family’s technology and keep your family safe.