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GPS Lockbox Single Unit Charger - Sonim XP3



GPS Lockbox Single Unit Charger - Sonim XP3 - Black isn't available.


Key Features

  • Combo phone & spare battery charging capability: Allows for the charging of both the Sonim XP3 phone and a spare battery at the same time
  • Versatile Powering options: 1. 5-Bay DOCK: Fits into the GPSLockbox® 5-Bay Charging Dock (AT&T Part # 4272N)
  • AC wall outlet: Home, office, or hotel using a micro-USB charging cable and AC wall adapter. (not included)
  • In vehicle 12V using a cigarette lighter plug adapter or USB port with a micro-USB cable (not included)
  • Compact lightweight design: Takes up minimal space on desks, tables, and shelves. Lightweight tough scratch-resistant housing packs well for carrying in luggage, backpacks, larger purses and briefcases. Hotspot charging cradle Great solution for parking your phone when functioning as a mobile hotspot
  • Easy-to-read charging status LED lights on the charging units provide visual charging status
  • Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty with customer-friendly Advance replacement. Have a problem, just call in and ask for assistance.


  • Battery support: Li-Ion & Li-Polymer
  • Input power per-unit: 5V 3A
  • Output power 5V/2A per single phone charging unit
  • 4.4V/1A per single battery charging unit
  • Operating temperature: 40º - 95º F
  • Charging connector when used separately: Micro-USB (NOT INCLUDED)

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