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brite-View 500Mbps Powerline Starter Kit


Color: Black

brite-View 500Mbps Powerline Starter Kit isn't available.


The brite-View 500Mbps Powerline starter kit will extend your network without having to run wires or complicated setup.

With this starter kit you receive two units that plug into your home's power outlets to create a secure extension of your network. These adapters are network HomePlug®AV-compliant and provide up to 500Mbps high-speed transfer rate. They are one of the smallest form factors on the market. Front-facing LED indicators help you see the status of the power, Ethernet, PLC Link on the adapters. Simple Plug and Play setup with no IP configuration required.

The device will switch power consumption from full-load mode when there is data being transmitted to standby mode when no data is being transmitted. When in standby mode, each unit only consumes 0.5 watts of power which is 80% savings. They use 128-bit AES Link Encryption with key management for a secure connection. You are even able to create a new network name with the touch of a button for added security. There is also a Quality of Service feature built in so streaming video and internet phone calls are smooth.

Note: This Starter Kit {BVP-5100D} comes with two adapters which is the minimum required to start setting up a PlugLink network in your home. You can order an additional single unit from our site part number BVP-5100. Up to 8 active adapters total are supported.

  • Wall-Plug Design - The brite-View 500Mbps Powerline Starter Kit units plug directly into your power outlets
  • Easy Installation - No CD required for setup
  • Security - 128-bit AES Link Encryption with key management for a secure connection
  • Pairing - Simply press the 'Group' button on each device to establish an encrypted Powerline network
  • Speed - Up to 500Mbps
  • QoS - Quality of Service feature to ensure voice and streaming video is smooth
  • PLC Standard - HomePlug AV 1.1 and IEEE 1901
  • System Requirements - Computer operating system independent
  • Interface - 1x 10/100 Ethernet Port on each unit
  • LEDs - Power (green), PLC Link/Activity (green), Ethernet Link/Activity (green)
  • Power consumption - Per unit < 2.4 watts; (Standby <0.5 watts)
  • Dimensions - (W x D x H): 67.5 x 56 x 31 mm, ultra compact size
  • Package Includes - Two adapters and two Ethernet cables