Klein VALOR Remote Speaker Microphone - Samsung X Cover Pro - Black

Klein VALOR Remote Speaker Microphone - Samsung X Cover Pro




  • Klein Electronics Heavy Duty RSM (Remote Speaker Microphone) for Samsung XCover Field Pro with First Net PTT.

    Professional design includes built-in amplifier for ultra-loud audio output, large front-facing PTT button, and standard side bar PTT button, for easy access. All PTT button options are built to be compatible with heavy work gloves. The VALOR features top and bottom listen only audio ports with patent-pending camlock design to secure listen only earpiece into audio ports (listen only audio earpieces not included). Rubber over-molded housing provides superior grip and additional protection for harsh environments. Industrial strength coil cord cables are reinforced with strands of Kevlar for additional strength and durability. The VALOR also includes a heavy duty swivel clothing clip on the back of the housing, to provide convenient placement on clothing, uniform, vehicle, etc. Includes rechargeable and replaceable 1100mAh battery to power the loud speaker, as well as the micro-usb wall charger.

    **Compatibility Note: this model compatible with Samsung XCover Field Pro and First Net PTT application only. For AT&T EPTT application, user must purchase Klein Electronics Valor RSM, AT&T sku 4021J. The 4021J is compatible with original EPTT application on Samsung XCover Field Pro, as well as other Android OS smart phones.

    Key Features

    • Amplified circuit: Super loud and clear audio
    • Multiple PTT Button Options: Large front facing PTT button as well as standard side/thumb PTT button (side/thumb PTT button includes two PTT switches under tactile rubber cover, to ensure good contact)
    • Rubber overmold: Provides added protection and grip
    • Rugged design: Heavy duty housing, clothing clip, kevlar reinforced cables, protective rubber over-mold, industrial strength strain reliefs, etc.

  • Key Features

    • Amplified Circuit
    • Multiple PTT Button Options
    • Rubber Overmold
    • Rugged Design

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