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Sonim Direct Mode for XP5s



Sonim Black Direct Mode for XP5s isn't available.


Sonim XPand Connector extends the capabilities of the handset through rugged attached peripherals, such as XPand Direct Mode for off-network communication. Sonims XPand Direct Mode works as a long-range link between other XPand Direct Mode users, for up to a mile over the 900MHz ISM band. This allows for reliable off-network Push-to-Talk (PTT) and text messaging. It seamlessly attaches to the top of the handset and screws into each side, providing the most reliable connectivity and fit.

Rural Range*: ~1 mile for voice and text; Dense Area Range*: ~0.50 mile for voice and text. (*Range varies by location, terrain, interference.)
900MHz digital transceiver (U.S. Spec: 902MHz - 928MHz ISM unlicensed).
Simplex communication.
External, removable antenna.
1 watt transmit power (30dBm).
Up to 148dBm receiver sensitivity, 178dB link budget.
Works simultaneously with handset features and functions.
Intuitive interface for activating and deactivating XPand Direct Mode.
When XPand Direct Mode is activated, it has priority over the PTT button.
Audio is routed through the handset or connected accessories.
Innovative and optional call recording and playback.
LoRa Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) to mitigate channel interference.
Allows for 1:1 and group PTT calls and text messages.
Unlimited amount of individuals or groups may be set up.
User presence is visible via the application.
Preemption available when engaging a user that is not in XPand Direct Mode.
256-bit AES symmetric key encryption keeps messages between the users secure.
IP-65 and drop protection when it is mounted on the handset.
Sonim SDK available at