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Google Maps

Use Google Maps to search for an address and get directions.

1. ACCESS GOOGLE MAPS: From the home screen, press the left navigational key to access app shortcuts. Press the down navigational key then the OK key to select the Maps app.

Note: If prompted, press the OK key to select ALLOW to allow access to location.

Image 1

2. SEARCH FOR AND VIEW A LOCATION: From the Google Maps menu, press the navigational keys to highlight Search, then press the OK key to select.

Image 2

3. Use the keypad to enter the desired location, then press the down navigational key to highlight the desired option. Press the OK key to select ENTER.

Image 3

4. GET DIRECTIONS: From the location screen, press the right select key to select Directions to get directions to the location. 

Image 4

5. Use the keypad to enter the desired starting point, or press the down navigational key to highlight the desired option then press the OK key to select. 

Image 5

6. Press the up or down navigational key then the OK key to highlight and select the desired route

Image 6

7. To view the directions, press the left select key to select Details. Press the right select key to select Go to begin the step-by-step navigation.

Image 7

8. Press the right select key to select Next to scroll through the directions. Press the left select key to select Back to review the previous step.

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