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Get peak performance on our 100% fiber network:

  • Our fastest upload and download speeds
  • Proven reliability* to surf, stream, and game
  • Whole-home Wi-Fi connectivity to power your devices

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Learn how you can get one of these special gifts when you bundle TV + internet this holiday season.

  • Polk Command Bar

    Room-filling sound so rich, TV and movies practically come to life.

  • $250 reward card

    Conveniently accepted at stores, restaurants, and online.

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  • JBL Link 300

    Voice-activated speaker includes Google Assistant & Chromecast.

Save $240 your first year when you bundle Internet + TV

Save on whole-home entertainment when you bundle fiber-fast internet with brilliant TV1.

  • INTERNET 100

    100Mbps†† speeds for shopping and browsing

    for 12 mos. plus taxes & equip. fee

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    • 100Mbps internet speed.
    • Fast online speeds for the whole family.
    • Download a 1GB file in less than 2 minutes.*
    • Upload 10 photos in less than 9 seconds. *
  • INTERNET 300

    300Mbps†† speeds for TV & movie streaming

    for 12 mos. plus taxes & equip. fee

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    • 300Mbps internet speed.
    • Perfect for work & play on multiple devices, large file sharing, and more.
    • 15X faster upload speeds than Comcast and Spectrum!2
    • Stream HD video on up to 10 devices at the same time.*
    • Professional installation included.
  • INTERNET 1000

    A 1000Mbps†† connection for gaming & connected homes

    for 12 mos. plus taxes & equip. fee

    See features and benefits

    • 1000Mbps internet connection.
    • Great for connected homes, 4K Ultra HD video, online gaming, and more.
    • More than 20X faster upload speeds than Comcast and Spectrum!3
    • Upload a 4-minute HD video in less than 1 second.*
    • No internet usage data caps.
    • Professional installation included.
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Get smart about your Wi-Fi

Boost your in-home Wi-Fi with advanced AT&T Smart Wi-Fi technology.

  • Seamless Wi-Fi coverage

    Your devices will automatically connect to the best and fastest signal.

  • Control your home Wi-Fi

    Easily manage who can get on your home Wi-Fi network and for how long with our free AT&T Smart Home Manager app.

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    Limited to home Wi-Fi network and requires compatible AT&T gateway.

  • AT&T Internet Security Suite

    Protection as you surf, search, and shop online with anti-virus spyware powered by McAfee®.

The internet you’ve always wanted

See how upping to fiber-fast internet speeds can change the way you work, play, and live.

Elevate your game

Win the day when you game online with consistently fast speeds that give you the edge.


Fast internet + TV. The perfect pair.

  • Save $10 off your monthly internet price.
  • Free installation.
  • Unlimited internet data.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is fiber internet?
    Fiber internet is a technology that uses fiber optic cables to connect your home to the internet. It is extremely fast and highly reliable, especially over long distances.
  • What is a fiber optic connection?
    A fiber optic connection transmits information through light over small, flexible glass fibers. Fiber refers to the glass, while optic refers to the light.
  • Is fiber internet better than cable internet?
    Cable internet relies on shared bandwidth with other internet users in your area. This means that when your neighbors are connected, it can slow down your internet speed. Another benefit of fiber internet is symmetrical speeds, which means your upload speed is as fast as your download speed. Cable internet uses asymmetrical speeds, which means that your upload speeds are generally much slower than your download speeds.

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