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A faster internet experience
  • 20x faster upload speeds than cable1
  • 1000Mbps connection2–for strong Wi-Fi® in your entire home3
  • Unlimited internet data and no annual contract
  • HBO Max™ included4

Get superfast 1 GIG Internet:
$49.99/mo. for 12 mos. plus taxes & equip. fee
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Frequently asked questions

  • What is fiber internet?
    Fiber internet is a technology that uses fiber optic cables to connect your home to the internet. It is extremely fast and highly reliable, especially over long distances.
  • What is a fiber optic connection?
    A fiber optic connection transmits information through light over small, flexible glass fibers. Fiber refers to the glass, while optic refers to the light.
  • Is fiber internet better than cable internet?
    Cable internet relies on shared bandwidth with other internet users in your area. This means that when your neighbors are connected, it can slow down your internet speed. Another benefit of fiber internet is symmetrical speeds, which means your upload speed is as fast as your download speed. Cable internet uses asymmetrical speeds, which means that your upload speeds are generally much slower than your download speeds.

Enjoy entertainment grade 1 GIG Internet with AT&T Fiber

AT&T Fiber delivers more bandwidth than cable.1

AT&T FiberSM is our fastest, reliable residential internet plan. Our 1,000Mbps connection2 powers strong whole-home Wi-Fi3 for a faster internet experience.

The perfect internet for gaming, streaming, and working from home

With 20x faster upload speeds than cable,4 AT&T Fiber is perfect for heavy internet users such as telecommuters, competitive gamers, fans of HD streaming, and people in households with multiple internet users. If you depend on your internet for critical tasks such as working from home, AT&T Fiber is right for you. Plus, you get unlimited internet data included!

Build the ultimate smart home experience with AT&T Smart Home Manager

Put your devices into a Wi-Fi® fast lane with our intelligent Smart Home Manager app.5 Set parental controls, track data usage by device, and manage screen time all in one app.6

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