Block or Unblock Devices
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Block or Unblock Devices

Block and unblock devices from connecting to your router's Wi-Fi network.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:


• Block a device
• Unblock a device


Block a device

1. From your device’s web browser, go to http://attwifi.manager or Enter your password, then click Login.


Note: Ensure that your device is connected to your 5G Gateway's Wi-Fi network. For more information, please see the Connect Devices to Wi-Fi or Connect PC or Mac to Wi-Fi tutorials. If this is your first time logging into the Web admin page, the default password will be ‘admin’. You may be prompted to change the admin password. 


Image 1

2. Click the Security drop-down menu, then click Blocked Devices.

Image 2

3. Click the Yes circle to enable blocked devices, then click the Add icon.

Image 3


4. Click the Select device drop-down menu.


Image 4


5. Click the desired device under the client drop-down menu, then click Add


Image 5


6. When finished, click Save.


Image 6

Unblock a device

From the Blocked Devices screen, click the Delete icon next to the the desired device, then click Save.

Image 7

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