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Mobility Signal

View & optimize cellular network signal.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Check 5G and 4G LED light status
• Optimal 5G Gateway placement

Check 5G and 4G LED light status 

The strength of the 5G or 4G signal will be displayed via LED light indicators


Image 1


STRONG SIGNAL: A green LED light indicates a strong signal.
FAIR SIGNAL: A blue LED light indicates a fair signal.
WEAK SIGNAL: A red LED light indicates a weak signal.
SIM ERROR: A blinking red LED light indicates a SIM error has been detected.
• NO SIGNAL: When the device is not receiving a cellular signal, a LED lights will not display.

Optimal 5G Gateway placement

If a signal is weak, try moving the 5G Gateway to a different location. For optimal placement, place your device on a higher shelf and near a window. Try to avoid placing the device near items that may interfere with the wireless network, such as large appliances, microwaves, stone or concrete walls, metal cabinets, computer monitors or televisions screens.

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