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Pixel Call Assist

Use Pixel Call Assist to screen incoming and unwanted calls, wait on hold less, get to the right department quicker, and more.


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Pixel Call Assist creates a seamless calling experience with the following five features:

• Hold for Me: Allows you to leave your phone when you're on hold.
• Call Screen: Informs you of spam callers.
• Wait Times: Estimates the time you'll wait on hold.
• Direct My Call: Transcribes automated menus.
• Clear Calling: Reduces background noise in calls.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:


• Access Call Assist
• Use Call Screen
• Enable or disable Direct My Call
• Use Hold for Me
• Get wait time estimates
• Enable or disable Clear Calling



Access Call Assist

From the home screen, select the phonePhone app. Select the menu Menu icon, then select Settings. Call Assist features are displayed under ASSISTIVE. Select the desired assistive option to access its settings.

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Use Call Screen

1. Call Screen is disabled by default. To enable or disable Call Screen, from the Phone settings screen, select Call Screen, then select the Automatically screen calls switch.

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2. To use Call Screen, select Screen when you receive an incoming call.


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3. Google Assistant will ask the caller why they are calling. Using the live transcription, you can view the callers response, then select the following option.


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ASK ANOTHER QUESTION: Swipe to and select the desired automated response to have Google Assistant ask the caller another question. 
DECLINE CALL: Select the Decline call icon.
ACCEPT CALL: Select the Accept call icon.


Enable or disable Direct My Call

Direct My Call transcribes and read through phone menu options while you are in an automated voice call. Direct My Call is disabled by default. To enable Direct My Call, from the Phone settings screen, select Direct My Call, then select the Direct My Call switch.


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Use Hold for Me

1. Hold for Me allows you to have your Google Assistant wait for you when a business puts your call on hold. To enable this feature, from the Phone settings screen, select Hold for Me, then select the Hold for Me switch.


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2. When you are put on hold, select Hold for me, then select Start.


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3. When a response is prompted or when the call is ready for you, your phone will ring and vibrate. Select Return to call to resume the call.


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Get wait time estimates

Wait Times is always on to provide you with an estimated wait time when your call is on hold. When your call is held by a business, the wait time will be displayed.


Image 9


Enable or disable Clear Calling

1. Clear Calling reduces background noises and enhance the audio quality of calls. To enable Clear Calling, swipe down from the Notification bar with two fingers, then select the  Settings icon. Select Sound & vibration.


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2. Scroll to and select Clear Calling, then select the Use Clear Calling switch.


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