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Connection Status

This tutorial explains connection statuses.

  1. VIEW CONNECTION STATUS: From the clock screen, swipe down from the top of the screen to view the Moment bar.
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  2. Connected using Bluetooth is when the Gear is paired with another device via Bluetooth. In this state, all Gear features are available, including calling, messaging and applications. Gear settings can be adjusted via Gear Manager on your Galaxy phone.
    Note: To learn more about connecting to Bluetooth, see the Bluetooth tutorial.
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  3. While the phone is paired to the Gear, the Bluetooth icon and Connection status appears in the Moment bar.
    device 5213/9006467_03.jpg
  4. When connected remotely, both the phone and the Gear have active data connections via Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. In this state, notification, messaging, email and standalone app features are available.
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  5. Standalone mode without relay occurs when there is no Bluetooth connection and the smartphone does not have an active wireless data connection. In this state, Calling, Messaging, S Health and S Voice features are available. 
    device 5213/9006467_05.jpg
  6. In Standalone mode, the Gear is not connected to the smartphone, and is operating as a standalone device. While in Standalone mode, the Gear will only send and receive notifications and calls from the Gear phone number, and will have no access to Gear Manager functions.
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