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RED Hydrogen One (H1A1000)

4 View

The RED Hydrogen One allows you to capture and view holographic RED 4-View content.

  1. TAKE A PICTURE OR VIDEO WITH 4 VIEW: To take a picture or video with 4 View the camera must be in Landscape mode. From the Camera app, select the 2D icon.

    Note: For more information on taking a picture, view the Take a Picture tutorial. To access or view 4 View photos or videos, from the home screen select the RED Player app.

    Step 1

  2. WATCH 4 VIEW CONTENT: From the home screen, select the Hydrogen Network app.

    Step 2

  3. DOWNLOAD & ACCESS 4 VIEW APPS & GAMES: From the home screen, select the RED|LeiaLoft app.

    Step 3

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