Camera & Video Settings
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Camera & Video Settings

Manage camera and video settings including flash, timer, voice control, picture size, storage location, and more.

  1. From the home screen, select the Camera app.
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  2. TURN FLASH ON/OFF: Select the Flash icon to cycle through flash on, flash off, or flash auto. 
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  3. ADDITIONAL CAMERA SETTINGS: Select the Settings icon.
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  4. CHANGE STORAGE LOCATION: Select the Settings icon, then select the Storage icon to cycle through saving to the device or saving to the SD card.
    Note: You will need a microSD card to change your storage location.
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  5. SET A TIMER: Select the Settings icon, then select the Timer icon to cycle to the desired option.
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  6. CHANGE PICTURE SIZE: Select the Settings icon. Select the Picture size icon, then select the desired option.
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  7. USE VOICE COMMANDS: Select the Settings icon, then select the Cheese shutter icon to take pictures by saying "Smile," "Cheese," "Whiskey," "Kimchi," or "LG." Select OK to close the window.
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  8. SELFIE LIGHT: The front-facing camera features a Selfie light feature to help capture the perfect selfie. To activate the selfie light, select the Switch camera icon then select the Flash icon. Select OK to close the window.
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