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Reset device

This article describes how to reset the device to its factory settings.

  1. A master reset reverts the device back to factory settings. It will permanently erase all personal data, preferences, settings.
    device 2717/1326858.jpg
  2. From the home screen, tap Settings.
    device 2717/1326859.jpg
  3. Scroll to, then tap Factory reset.
    device 2717/9006185_03.jpg
  4. Tap Reset Device.
    device 2717/1326862.jpg
  5. Tap OK.
    device 2717/1326864.jpg
  6. If you cannot reset the device via the Settings, open the SIM card cover, and use a paper clip to press the reset button in for 8 seconds.
    device 2717/9006185_06.jpg

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