View messages on AT&T Home Base Manager
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View messages on AT&T Home Base Manager

Use the Home Base Manager to view important messages regarding data usage and your AT&T account.

  1. Open a Web browser on a device that is connected to the AT&T Home Base network.

    device 1320/712239.jpg
  2. Enter http://att.homebase directly into your browser address field.

    device 1320/712240.jpg
  3. Enter the required login information, then click Submit.
    Note: Your login can be found on the bottom of your AT&T Home Base or Quick Start.
    device 1320/712241.jpg
  4. Click Messages.
    device 1320/712243.jpg
  5. Messages and alerts will be displayed on the list.
    Note: New (or unread) messages will appear in bold.
    device 1320/712246.jpg

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