Download or upload speeds are slow
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Download or upload speeds are slow

Try these troubleshooting methods if you are experiencing sluggish internet speeds.

  1. Check your internet connection speed at
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  2. Move your Home Base to an area with a stronger cellular signal, typically near a window or outside wall.

    Note: Green indicates a strong signal and is recommended for optimal performance. Yellow indicates a moderate signal and may be sufficient.
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  3. Ensure that other connected devices are not transferring a large amount of data.
    Note: View connected devices by checking the 'Connected Devices' section of the AT&T Home Base Manager.
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  4. A phone call in progress may slow down data transfer speed.
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  5. Check your wireless network connection using the AT&T Home Base Manager http://att.homebase (while connected to the Home Base).  4G LTE offers the fastest data speeds and if available, your Home Base should be located in a covered area.
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