Check the Wireless Signal
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Check the Wireless Signal

The signal LED on your device indicates the current wireless signal status.

  1. The Signal Strength LED displays the wireless signal strength that the Home Base is receiving from the AT&T wireless network.
    device 1320/736241.jpg
  2. Green indicates that the Home Base is receiving a strong signal.

    device 1320/697232.jpg
  3. Yellow indicates a moderate wireless signal.
    device 1320/697233.jpg
  4. Red indicates no wireless signal.
    device 1320/736242.jpg
  5. If your signal strength is yellow or red, the Home Base should be moved to an alternate location with better signal strength if available, for best performance.
    Note: The Home Base should be moved to an alternate location, where  green or yellow signal strength is available. 
    device 1320/719543.jpg

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