About AT&T Home Base Manager
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About AT&T Home Base Manager

Learn about the different functions of the Home Base Manager.

  1. The AT&T Home Base Manager allows you to customize connection settings, change Wi-Fi security settings and passwords, check data usage and important messages, and get help in one convenient location.
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  2. Home displays general device information and help.
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  3. Connected Devices displays devices currently connected to your Home Base, and allows for the blocking/unblocking of different device connections.
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  4. Data Used displays data usage and days remaining in your billing cycle.
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  5. Messages displays important messages from AT&T regarding your service plan.
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  6. Settings lets you customize your Home Base's Wi-Fi and security settings.
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  7. About Your Home Base provides details regarding current device status and basic system information.
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  8. AT&T Software Update lets you view and download firmware updates over the AT&T cellular network.
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