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Emergency calls

This tutorial shows how to make emergency calls from the device.

  1. When performing an emergency call, all 5 contacts will be called until one answers.
    Note: This function does not call 911.
    device 2810/1392830.jpg
  2. To perform an emergency call, press and hold the Red button.
    Note: The recipient will be prompted with a recording, and must press 1 to receive the call.
    device 2810/1392909.jpg
  3. The FiLIP app will notify that the child pressed the Emergency button, and if a contact answered the call.
    device 2810/1392912.jpg
  4. The child's location will also be refreshed in the FiLIP app.
    device 2810/1392943.jpg
  5. Emergency mode will end once the recipient ends the call.
    device 2810/1392947.jpg

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