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Device layout

This tutorial shows the layout of your device.

  1. Press the Red button firmly for 1 second to turn on your FiLIP.
    device 2810/1390652.jpg
  2. Press the Red button to toggle between display modes.
    device 2810/1390647.jpg
  3. Press and hold the Red Button for 3 seconds to initiate Emergency Mode.
    device 2810/1390649.jpg
  4. Press the Black button to scroll through your contacts.
    device 2810/1390648.jpg
  5. Once a contact is selected, press the Red Button to call.
    device 2810/1390650.jpg
  6. Press the Red Button to hang up when you are done with a call.
    device 2810/1390651.jpg
  7. To charge the battery, attach the charger to the Charging port on the back of the device.
    device 2810/1413856.jpg
  8. The Home screen will display the time, notifications, and network signal.
    device 2810/1413857.jpg

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