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Device layout

Provides an overview of the device layout.

  1. Press the Left and Right soft keys to perform the indicated functions.
    device 2853/1446175.jpg
  2. Press the Center nav key to make a selection.
    device 2853/1446176.jpg
  3. Press the Directional nav keys to navigate or scroll through a screen.
    device 2853/1446177.jpg
  4. Press the End key to return to the home screen, or to end a call.
    device 2853/1446178.jpg
  5. Press the Send key to answer an incoming call.
    device 2853/1459335.jpg
  6. Press the Clear key to undo the most recent action or return to the previous screen.
    device 2853/1446179.jpg
  7. The MicroUSB/Charging port is located on the side of the device.
    device 2853/1446180.jpg
  8. The Back cover can be removed to access the Batery port and SIM card slot.
    device 2853/1446182.jpg

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