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Learn how to access the calendar and manage events.

  1. From the home screen, tap Calendar.
    Note: When in 'Easy' mode, the calendar only displays in month view, you can't access settings or add a task, and when adding an event, only a limited amount of fields will be displayed
    device 3204/1684348.jpg
  2. To change the calendar view, tap the Menu icon.
    device 3204/1684349.jpg
  3. Tap the desired view.
    device 3204/1684350.jpg
  4. To create a new calendar event, tap the Add icon.
    device 3204/1684351.jpg
  5. Enter the desired event title in the Title field.
    device 3204/1684352.jpg
  6. To edit the event start time and date, tap Start.
    device 3204/1684353.jpg
  7. Scroll to then tap the desired date on the calendar.
    device 3204/1684354.jpg
  8. Tap to adjust the time as desired.
    device 3204/1684355.jpg
  9. Tap SET.
    device 3204/1684356.jpg
  10. To edit the event end time and date, tap End, then repeat steps 7 - 9.
    device 3204/1684357.jpg
  11. To access additional options, tap VIEW MORE OPTIONS.
    device 3204/1684358.jpg
  12. To set an event reminder, tap the Add icon next to 'Reminder'.
    device 3204/1684359.jpg
  13. Tap the Reminder drop-down to select the desired reminder time.
    device 3204/1684360.jpg
  14. Edit additional details as desired, then tap SAVE.
    device 3204/1684361.jpg
  15. To edit or delete a calendar event, scroll to then tap the desired date.
    Note: You can only edit events which you have created.
    device 3204/1684362.jpg
  16. Tap the desired event.
    device 3204/1684363.jpg
  17. To edit, tap the Edit icon.
    device 3204/1684364.jpg
  18. To delete, tap the Delete icon.
    device 3204/1684365.jpg
  19. Tap DELETE.
    device 3204/1684366.jpg
  20. When a calendar event is approaching, the Event icon will display in the notification bar.
    device 3204/1684367.jpg

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