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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (N900A)

Browse the web

Learn to browse the web and manage tabs and bookmarks.

  1. From the home screen, tap Internet.
    device 3204/1680133.jpg
  2. To access a website, tap the URL field, then enter the desired URL.
    device 3204/1680134.jpg
  3. Tap Go.
    device 3204/1680139.jpg
  4. To bookmark a page, tap the Bookmark icon.
    device 3204/1680140.jpg
  5. Tap the Add icon.
    device 3204/1680142.jpg
  6. Edit the bookmark settings if desired, then tap SAVE.
    device 3204/1680143.jpg
  7. The page is now added to your bookmarks.
    device 3204/1680144.jpg
  8. To access a saved bookmark, from the Browser, tap the Bookmark icon.
    device 3204/1680145.jpg
  9. Navigate to then tap the desired bookmark.
    device 3204/1680146.jpg
  10. To create a new browser tab, tap the Tabs icon.
    Note: The number displayed on the icon indicates the number of open browser tabs.
    device 3204/1680147.jpg
  11. Tap the New tab icon.
    device 3204/1680148.jpg
  12. The new tab will open to your homepage. To manage tabs, tap the Tabs icon.
    device 3204/1680149.jpg
  13. To close a tab, swipe right over the desired tab.
    device 3204/1680150.jpg
  14. To view a tab, tap the desired tab.
    device 3204/1680151.jpg

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