Device set up

Device set up

Set up your device for the first time or after having done a factory reset.

  1. After powering on the device for the first time, select the desired language, then tap next.
    Note: Before setting up your device, make sure you have completed the online activation process. Please see Activate your new phone or SIM for more information.
    device 3203/1668944.jpg
  2. Tap next.
    device 3203/1668946.jpg
  3. Review the terms of use, then tap accept.
    device 3203/1668947.jpg
  4. Tap the desired Wi-Fi network.
    device 3203/1668948.jpg
  5. If prompted, enter the required network password, then tap done.
    device 3203/1668949.jpg
  6. Tap next.
    device 3203/1668950.jpg
  7. Select the desired options, then tap next.
    device 3203/1668951.jpg
  8. Tap recommended.
    device 3203/1668952.jpg
  9. Enter the desired time, date and region, then tap next.
    device 3203/1668953.jpg
  10. Tap the desired option.
    device 3203/1668956.jpg
  11. Tap next.
    device 3203/1668963.jpg
  12. Tap done.
    device 3203/1668966.jpg
  13. The device is now ready for use.
    device 3203/1668970.jpg

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