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Secure my device

Lock the device screen, set and change security lock, and locate device.

  1. Press the Power button to lock the device.
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  2. To unlock, press the Power button to wake up the device.
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  3. Swipe up to unlock.
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  4. To set a password on your device tap the Settings icon.
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  5. Tap Personalization, then Scroll to and tap lock screen.
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  6. Scroll down and tap Sign-in options.
    Note: If you have a corporate email account configured on your device, some lock type options may be grayed out due to your email server’s security policy.
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  7. To set the password for your phone, tap Add then type at least a Four-digit pin into the fields, then tap OK.
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  8. Your password is now active.
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  9. To access your phone after the password is active, swipe up from the Lock screen and enter your Password to unlock the device..
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  10. To change the password for the device, from the lock screen menu, tap Change.
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  11. Enter your current password, the desired new password twice, then tap OK.
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  12. Windows Hello (Beta) allows you to unlock your device, verify your identity and buy things in the Store using your eyes. To use Windows Hello (Beta) as the lock type, from the sign-in options settings screen, tap Set up.
    Note: A PIN must be setup in order for you to setup Windows Hello (Beta).
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  13. Tap Get started.
    device 5045/9007010_13.jpg
  14. Enter your PIN.
    device 5045/9007010_14.jpg
  15. Tap Next then hold your phone in front of your eyes. Now you can use your eyes to unlock the screen.
    device 5045/9007010_15.jpg
  16. When setup is complete, tap Close.
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  17. To remove a password from the device, from the Sign-in options, tap Remove.
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  18. The feature is now off.
    Note: To learn more about requesting a device unlock for your AT&T mobile device, visit www.att.com/deviceunlock. If your device is locked and is requesting a "PUK" code, click here for instructions on how to obtain your PUK or PUK2 code to unlock your SIM card.
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