Learn and customize the home screen
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Learn and customize the home screen

Change wallpaper, font size and color of the home screen.



  1. From the home screen, select Menu to change the wallpaper.
    device 5080/9006104_01.jpg
  2. Select Settings
    device 5080/9006104_02.jpg
  3. Select Display.
    device 5080/9006104_03.jpg
  4. Select Wallpaper.
    device 5080/9006104_04.jpg
  5. Select System or User Defined to choose from preloaded wallpapers or your pictures.
    device 5080/9006104_05.jpg
  6. Select desired wallpaper via pictures or other image files and press OK.
    device 5080/9006104_06.jpg
  7. To change font size and color, select Dialed Digits. To adjust the scale size, select Menus & Lists.
    device 5080/9006104_07.jpg

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