Available Memory
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Available Memory

Check the available device storage.

  1. To view device memory, from the home screen, select Menu.
    Note: This device is available with approximately 21.9MB of internal, usable memory.
    device 5080/9006180_02.jpg
  2. Select Settings.
    device 5080/9006180_03.jpg
  3. Select Memory.
    device 5080/9006180_04.jpg
  4. Select Used Space > Phone Common.
    Note: Available memory will then be displayed.
    device 5080/9006180_05.jpg
  5. To free up memory on your phone, select unwanted picures and music to delete. From the Gallery and Media Player menus, select the desired photos or song and select Options.
    device 5080/9006180_06.jpg
  6. Scroll to Delete and press OK on the key pad.
    device 5080/9006180_07.jpg
  7. Press Yes to delete the image or video.
    device 5080/9006180_08.jpg

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