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Device Setup

Set up your device for the first time or after having done a factory reset.

  1. To set up your device for the first time, or following a factory reset, select the desired language, then tap Next.
    Note: For information on activating service, click here.
    device 5094/9007000_02.jpg
  2. Choose the desired home country or region, then tap Next.
    device 5094/9007000_03.jpg
  3. Select the desired time zone, then tap Next.
    device 5094/9007000_04.jpg
  4. Select desired Wi-Fi connection, or tap Skip to continue without connecting to Wi-Fi.
    device 5094/9007000_05.jpg
  5. Type in Username & password, then tap Accept. Once connected to Wi-Fi, Secured will appear under desired Wi-Fi connection. Tap skip if you do not want to connect to Wi-Fi at this time.
    device 5094/9007000_06.jpg
  6. Tap Express.
    device 5094/9007000_07.jpg
  7. If you have a Microsoft account already established tap Sign in. If you do not have one you can either create one by tapping Create one or create one later by tapping Sign in later.
    device 5094/9007000_08.jpg
  8. Tap Next.
    device 5094/9007000_09.jpg
  9. If you signed in to your Micorsoft account, Verify your idenity by entering your email address, then tap Next
    device 5094/9007000_10.jpg
  10. Tap Next
    device 5094/9007000_11.jpg
  11. Tap Next
    device 5094/9007000_12.jpg

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