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Turn on features such as TalkBack, Hearing aid mode, and more.

  1. ACCESS ACCESSIBILITY FEATURES: Press the Rotating Side button from the clock-screen.
    Note: Accessiblity features allow you to improve the usability of your device for users affected by impaired vision or hearing, cognitive difficulty, or reduced dexterity.
    device 5136/9006212_01.jpg
  2. Select Settings.
    device 5136/9006212_02.jpg
  3. Select Accessibility.
    device 5136/9006212_03.jpg
  4. Enable or disable Accessibility features by selecting a corresponding switch.
    device 5136/9006212_04.jpg
  5. ENABLE TALKBACK: Select the TalkBack switch.
    device 5136/9006212_05.jpg
  6. Select Enable. Review permissions and if you agree, select the checkmark icon.
    device 5136/9006212_06.jpg
  7. Select Launch tutorial to walk through a TalkBack tutorial. Select Turn off TalkBack if you would like to turn off TalkBack. Press the Rotating Side button to skip the TalkBack tutorial.
    device 5136/9006212_08.jpg
  8. DISABLE TALK BUTTON: Press the Rotating Side button from the clock-screen.
    device 5136/9006212_09.jpg
  9. Double-tap Settings > double-tap Accessibility > double-tap TalkBack > double-tap Disable.
    device 5136/9006212_13.jpg

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