Sync your Google account to view your contacts and add to favorites.

  1. ACCESS CONTACTS: Press the Rotating Side button to view the apps list.
    Note: You can only view contacts synced from the Google account of your paired smartphone. When you first connect your LG Watch Sport to your smartphone, you are prompted to sync your Google account and then contacts. If you skipped that during setup, you can set it up from your paired smartphone by accessing the Android Wear app > Settings icon > select the desired Connected watch under Device settings > Accounts > select the switch next to the desired Google account to add > COPY.
    device 5136/9006144_01.jpg
  2. Select Contacts.
    device 5136/9006144_02.jpg
  3. ADD CONTACT TO FAVORITES LIST: Select the desired contact.
    Note: Adding a contact to your favorites list will place them at the top of your contacts list.
    device 5136/9006144_03.jpg
  4. Select the Favorites icon.
    device 5136/9006144_04.jpg

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