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Speed dial

Use speed dial and manage speed dial contacts.

  1. To set up speed dial, from the home screen, select Menu.
    device 5056/9006134_01.jpg
  2. Select Address Book.
    device 5056/9006134_02.jpg
  3. Select Options.
    Note: Alternatively. Choose desired contact, then select Options > Set as speed dial > Assign to a number.
    device 5056/9006134_03.jpg
  4. Select Settings.
    device 5056/9006134_04.jpg
  5. Select Speed dial.
    device 5056/9006134_05.jpg
  6. Choose desired number, then Assign desired contact. 
    device 5056/9006134_06.jpg
  7. The contact is now assigned to the desired speed dial button.
    device 5056/9006134_07.jpg
  8. To use speed dial, from the home screen, press and hold the number assigned to the Desired contact.
    device 5056/9006134_08.jpg
  9. To remove a contact from speed dial, from the Address Book, select Options > Settings > Speed dial.
    device 5056/9006134_09.jpg
  10. Choose desired contact, then select Clear
    device 5056/9006134_10.jpg

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